What we do


Chicago Pacific Founders (“CPF”) was founded in 2014 by Mary Tolan (founder of Accretive Health), Larry Leisure (Kleiner Perkins, Optum, Kaiser) and Vance Vanier (Navigenics, Verinata). The Managing Partners along with founding operating partners John Rijos (Brookdale) and Greg Kazarian (Accretive Health) shared a belief that the most significant societal impact and investment returns from healthcare for the next decade will be generated by investment in delivery model innovation. Chicago Pacific Founders (“CPF”) was established to serve as an investment advisor that manages private funds and partners with companies that we believe are positioned to lead innovations in healthcare delivery and in caring for aging populations.

CPF primarily focuses on growth companies in targeted sectors where the fund can contribute significantly beyond its capital. Whereas the vast majority of investment in healthcare has historically been deployed in the domains of drugs, devices, and diagnostics, we are primarily focusing on care service delivery, which represents the “other” eighty percent of the $3 trillion annual healthcare spending in the United States.


Investment Approach

We seek to invest in companies that have positive cash flow and substantial potential for accelerated organic and acquisitive growth. Our investment focus is on partnering with companies headquartered in the U.S. and Canada.

Our usual equity commitment can be as high as $75 million, and we also have access to substantial co-investment funds for larger investments.

We apply our investment strategy across various healthcare services sectors, with a focus on situations in which the complementary backgrounds, industry networks, and operational insights of CPF’s professionals have the potential to result in differentiated outcomes.